Monday, January 31, 2011

Can You Blame Me

A tone poem

by Clarence R. Keller

Can you blame me for wanting to be with you?

Every pore of my body is filled with images of you.

I’m like a human YouTube channel.

Videos of you float around in my brain

just waiting for a flick of my memory mouse

To flash them on my sentient screen.

Can you blame me for wanting you?

You are the most beautiful woman in my life!

Whether dancing wildly at a party,

Or posing with models less beautiful than you…

Whether talking excitingly about your dreams…

Or creating one of your intensely soulful poems --

You are the perfect example of perfection!

In all aspects of your life, my darling,

I find you completely irresistible!

Can you blame me for wanting to be with you…

now and forever?

[dedicated to T.P.]

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I need your love more than I have needed anything before,

I need your love more than food or drink,

And only “Yes” can quench my thirst for you,

For love has your scent, your feel, your body,

And your breasts are soft and your eyes are deep,

And God has made no other lips as sweet as yours.

Often I have watched your lips give birth to words.

Your tongue pushes them out into the air

Like baby chicks not yet used to their wings.

Your warmest words are those of love.

Regardless of what I hear, you speak of love.

And your mouth is cloyingly sweet--

Like the sugary inside of a ripe mango.

And the taste of your words is lovely.

I watch as you sleep in innocence…

Unaware that your nightgown slips open…

Revealing brown twins…browner nipples.

I silently watch…I am nervously engrossed

By the beauty of your body and what it promises.

You are an eloquent symphony filling my head.

Why am I watching you so closely?

Remembrance is the sole reason I dwell on you.

Sweetheart…I want to remember you forever--

Always like this, our lovemaking still covering

Your face and hair like a gossamer veil!